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Made In England


In the 19th and 20th centuries London was a great centre of manufacturing. The East End in particular has always been known historically for its links to the garment industry, from the weaving industries of the Medieval era to the booming factories of the Industrial Revolution. Today there are few factories left in what was once the heart of British garment manufacturing. We are proud to be amongst them, and deeply proud to represent the best in modern British manufacturing. We have always produced every London Tradition piece in our East London factory, which remains still the textile and garment capital of the UK, and will continue to do so.

From the moment we undertake a commission to the moment it reaches the client, we demand the same exacting standards of service and production observed since we were first established over fifteen years ago.

It’s our own highly experienced team of master craftspeople that create every London Tradition coat; from our in-house pattern cutters through every stage of manufacture. We choose to set a benchmark for ethical working conditions for our staff, and support continuous in-house training to ensure the highest possible production standards. Our coats are made entirely onsite so that we can be entirely sure that at every stage of production, we are meeting and exceeding our rigorous quality control checks.

As custodians of a long legacy of British manufacturing, we understand the responsibility we hold to deliver only exceptional quality products. All of our coats wear the label ‘Made in England’, a declaration we are committed to living up to. We know that globally, this statement is a by-word for quality, innovation and refinement, and we intend to keep it that way.